Nicki Lloyd – Founder & Director

About Nicki from Mara Communications

Nicki has lived in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne her entire life. She is a web site designer, writer and editor. Her passions include family, television, health and being an active member of the local community.

With a professional background in printing services, Nicki has edited and managed a community newsletter and web site. In December 2014 she created Mara Communications and her portfolio of websites is steadily growing. Her emphasis is on clean, fresh sites that are easy to navigate, whether on an iPhone, a computer or any device in-between.

When she finds the time she is also the alter-ego behind the television review site tvweakness. She created this as an outlet where she could combine her love for writing with her love for quality television. Readers will find reviews on a wide variety of shows, anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Wentworth.

Nicki also has a honours degree in social sciences and a graduate diploma in human rights law.

She lives with her husband, daughter and Ruby the dog.